Leather Granite

Looking for a modern spin on granite countertops? Why not try leather granite for your kitchen or bathroom? Having granite with a leathered effect can give your countertops a different feel and look that can turn your kitchen or bathroom into a completely different space. Leather granite takes stone to a new level of uniqueness.

What is Leather Granite?

Leather granite is a type of method used on granite to make them appear less shiny making the surface of granite countertops a “leather look” effect. If you’re planning to remodel the kitchen or bathroom and are interested in getting kitchen granite countertops or bathroom granite countertops – the leather granite option is becoming very popular within Ontario homes.

A leather granite finish is great for those who feel that a traditional granite finish is too glossy. Leather granite has a different texture and is matte, but still shows the characteristics of the stone. If a kitchen or bathroom colours are darker or if the granite itself is darker, a leather finish would work well.
The professionals at Custom Granite offers leather granite to its customers because the finish is still elegant but more subtle than a traditional granite countertop finish. Most homeowners choose leather granite for a variety of reasons, not just its appearance. Incorporating leather granite to kitchen or bathroom countertops can be a fresh, new way to add some style to a space.

Leather Granite Advantages

Granite is one of the most preferred types of stone because it’s scratch and wear resistant. Preparing meals is easy with granite countertops because you can cut directly on the countertop without using a cutting board. Granite countertops are also stain resistant and are unlikely to chip.Leather granite countertops hold many advantages. They are easy to clean and maintain. The granite leathering process enhances the colours and textures in the granite, which gives the stone a more consistency. Due to its unique texture, leathered granite is very pleasing to touch.

You can find information on various types of stone including granite, marble, and quartz on our Go Granite website. Custom Granite offers Ontario customers a vast amount of choice when it comes to granite colours and slabs. We have over 2,000 granite slabs in the Custom Granite factory showroom in Stoney Creek.  Come and visit us today and see how the professionals at Custom Granite can give your home added character and style.

Custom Granite and Marble can "Leather" almost all granites we carry.

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