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Answers to Your Questions About Granite Products

Q: Can hot pots be put directly on the granite surface?

A: Yes, granite is extremely heat resistant and cookware can be put directly on the surface without damage. You can't burn granite with ordinary use. Granite conducts heat and is widely used for open flame baking and barbecuing.

Q: Can I cut on granite?

A: Granite is one of the hardest stones available . It cannot be scratched in ordinary use. A knife blade will not scratch it. It can only be scratched with specially sharpened tools designed to work with this rock like tungsten and diamond tools.

Q: How should granite be cleaned and cared for?

A: Stone soap, which is specially formulated for marble and granite is recommended for cleaning on a regular basis. Household cleaners such as Windex, Fantastic and 409 do not rinse and will leave a build up or film so the surface appears streaked. Granite countertops have a sealer applied at the time of fabrication which offers deep penetrating protection against stains (oils, wine, etc). We recommend that you re-seal it one to two times a year. Granite Sealer and user friendly Natural Stone Soap are available at our show room.

Q: Can granite chip or crack?

A: Only in cases of severe abuse with a hammer or impact tool will granite chip. If this does happen, the chip can be filled with granite dust and epoxy mixture. Normal use will not cause stress to this durable material.

Q: Where are granite countertops seamed?

A: Seams are avoided as much as possible but because granite is mined from a quarry in blocks usually no more than 10' long, they are often necessary. The visibility of seams depends on the granularity, color and pattern in the granite. Where possible, Custom Granite Works prefers to place seams at the center of cooktops or sinks. This creates a 3” seam rather than a full depth seam.

Q: How are sinks installed?

A: Sinks are either drop-in or under mount. A cutout needs to be made in the granite to accommodate the sink. The sink hole must be precisely templated and cut out to ensure a perfect fit. Drop in sinks are installed in the rough cut, whereas, under mount must be cut and polished as the depth of the granite is exposed. A minimum of 3” of granite is required between the sink and edge of countertop for structural integrity.

Q: Do granite countertops overhang the cabinets?

A: Most countertops overhang by 1 3/4” but may be changed due to cabinet configuration or personal taste.

Q: How are granite countertops priced?

A: Countertop prices are based on granite type, choice of face profile, sink & cook top variables and quantity of linear footage to be profiled.

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