Big Trend for 2013: Leathered Granite

Big Trend for 2013: Leathered Granite

Have you heard of leathered granite
before? We’ve done many leathered granite countertops for customers in
the GTA and it looks like it’s becoming a big trend for 2013.
Leathered granite is a matte finish which gives the stone a leather appearance.
It feels grainy to the touch but still shows the characteristics of the granite. It can work for both kitchen or bathroom countertops and especially works well on a darker granite colour option.

Here are three reasons why you might want to consider having leathered granite in your home:

#1: Scratches and water spots are less visible: When you apply a “leather” granite finish, it’s almost like applying an extra layer of protection on the stone. Having a leathered granite countertop is more scratch and stain resistant.

#2: Matte finish instead of glossy: When you think of granite, you think glossy. Why not try something different and go matte? Having matte kitchen or bathroom countertops instantly change the room, they become a focal point in the room. When you have company over to visit they won’t be expecting to see matte granite countertops!

3: Gives your space a modern look: If you are looking to give your kitchen or bathroom an update and want to give it a modern look, leathered granite can give you that result.

Because it’s a subtle finish; it’s not overpowering. It allows statement pieces and
accent colours to stand out. Leathered granite gives any kitchen or bathroom a modern feel and helps your personal style shine through.

If you are interested in getting leathered granite for your home, please feel free to get a free quote on our website or come by our showroom in Stoney Creek

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