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Bio-Glass Countertops in Hamilton

For a uniquely beautiful, functional and eco-friendly look for the hard working surfaces in your home or office, consider Bio-Glass.

Bio-Glass is an innovative building material made of 100% recycled glass that has been heat-processed to achieve a distinctive and decorative hard surface. The material is produced with no fillers or binders – just 100% pre- or post-consumer glass. This makes it very attractive to consumers who want to use environmentally friendly building materials. One slab of Bio-Glass saves one cubic yard of landfill and reduces 35 pounds of CO2 emissions.

Custom Granite and Marble can help you learn more about Bio-Glass and how it can bring more beauty to your home or office. Contact us or stop by our showroom today!

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Benefits of Bio-Glass

Smooth, Beautiful Texture

Available in a lightly textured or smooth surface to suit any taste, the somewhat luminous Bio-Glass surface has been described as looking like translucent marble. Bio-Glass kitchen or bath countertops are striking in appearance as well as slip-resistant, nonporous and easy to clean. While especially well-suited to countertops or tabletops, the versatile material can be used as flooring, walls, tub surrounds, fire places and more. Bio-Glass allows home decorating professionals or consumers to carry a consistent design theme throughout the home or business.

Remarkable Colours

Six natural, saturated colors are currently available to coordinate with any décor or room color scheme: White Diamond, Oriental Jade (light green), Emerald Forest (dark green), Malachite (green melded with black), Fossil Amber (brown), and Aquamarine (blue). The hues are created by sorting the source glass components, which consist of shards from glass dinnerware, jars and bottles. This material should be seen in person in order to get the full effect. The surface of each slab/ panel is of course completely unique.

Earth Friendly

Bio-Glass is Cradle to Cradle Silver certified for its use of healthy materials and eco-intelligent design, which is “designed for reutilization, not for landfill.” Bio-glass has been shown as part of an eco-exhibit at the Smithsonian Cooper- Hewitt National Design Museum. It is a clean technology material that consumers can feel good about having in their home for solid surface applications. According to the company, one panel of Bio-Glass will save one cubic yard of landfill and prevent 35 pounds of CO2 emissions.

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Custom Granite specializes in beautiful and functional countertops for residential and commercial customers. For your customized bio-glass design in Hamilton, contact your Custom Granite building experts, stop by our showroom or request a quote today!


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