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Marble Countertops in Hamilton

Ancient civilizations coveted marble for it's beauty and durability. Thousands of years later, modern society still values it for the same reasons. For homeowners, nature offers up a bounty of opportunity to create an eye-popping display with marble countertops.

Marble was a cultural symbol of elegance for the Greeks, Romans, and other European societies. It represented refinement, class, and wealth. It was also extremely durable. When used for building foundations, it often outlasted generations of people. This is evidenced today by many historic structures in which the marble foundations are still visible.

Created from primarily limestone, marble comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors. The vast array of brilliant hues is determined by the region from which the marble is harvested. For example, purplemarble can be found in places such as Turkey or Egypt. Yellow marble is usually associated with the Tuscany region in Italy.

Find the Right Marble Countertop for Your Home

Custom Granite has over 40 different color choices for marble countertops for  your home in Oakville, Burlington and the Hamilton area. View our full gallery to see our products in action or contact us, stop by our showroom or request a quote today to get started on your project!

white marble countertop with white cabinets for a very clean look
custom marble countertop and backsplash for house in Waterdown
red marble countertop for bar top kitchen

The Beauty of Marble Countertops

Regardless of where it comes from, there is no denying the visual impact of marble countertops. Why is it so dazzling? The surface of marble is slightly porous and contains crystals. This allows light to penetrate the top layer of the marble. This light is then reflected back up to the surface, resulting in a sparkly show that attracts the eye.

Since the kitchen is often thought of as the “heart” of the home, it makes sense that this space should be both enduring and brilliant. Marble kitchen countertops are especially beautiful. The material is naturally resistant to heat, cracks, and breakage. Special sealants ensure that the marble is protected from stains and scratches.

Bathrooms can also benefit from the sheer luxurious feel of marble. It can literally transform a utilitarian space into one of great beauty. Long lasting elegance and high desirability make marble bathroom countertops instantly recognizable. Due to this, they are a good investment that typically yields a high return.

Marble kitchen countertops and marble bathroom countertops could conceivably last hundreds of years, well beyond the life of a home. Although it is possible for the sealant to become worn or damaged over time, this is easily remedied. If necessary, the marble countertops can be stripped and new sealant applied. Periodic maintenance adds protection.

Mother nature ensures that marble design is individual and custom, since no two pieces are exactly alike. Every homeowner can have a unique, rich feel right in their kitchen, bathroom or living room.  For opulent selections of marble countertops, along with maintenance tips - Go Granite has what you're looking for.

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