5 DIY Simple Bathroom Updates

Custom Granite knows it can become a difficult challenge to keep up with all the modern trends in bathroom
design. If a bathroom renovation isn’t in your budget right now, here are 5 DIY simple bathroom updates that you can try:

DIY Project #1: Reface your Cabinets.

Start by taking the cabinets down, strip them, sand them, and stain them with the wood finish of your choice. Another great option is to repainting your cabinets a different colour. Both options are a great way to bring a different colour into your bathroom.

DIY Project #2: Statement Lighting.  

Good lighting literally brightens a room. If you want to be more energy-efficient, trade your fluorescent light bulbs for LED energy-efficient bulbs. They are better for the environment and shine brighter.

DIY Project #3: Paint the Ceiling.

An easy way to give the bathroom a fresh look is to paint the ceiling. Applying a new coat of ceiling paint (either in white or colour) is a subtle way to brighten your bathroom.

 DIY Project #4: Create Space.

Create some storage space for your bathroom with some bright containers. You can use these to store hair pins, razors or your blow dryer. Mason Jars can be spray painted to match any colour scheme and can add some personality to your bathroom. Or you can keep the containers clear displaying the items inside.

DIY Project #5: Change your Shower Curtain.

The smallest of changes can make a big difference. Try getting a neutral coloured shower curtain with some detailed texturing on it, or a bold print for an accent piece.

There you have it, 5 DIY projects to upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank. Your bathroom will be the talk of the next party all thanks to Custom Granite.

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