Designing a Washroom for Two

Designing a Washroom for Two

When it comes to designing a washroom for
two people, there’s a lot to take into consideration. Storage space,
organization, layout and privacy are things to keep in mind when building or renovating a washroom. Here are some suggestions of things to include in your washroom for two:

• Double Vanity or Separate Vanities: It’s hard to get ready in the morning if you’re fighting for counter space. If your
washroom is large enough, get a double vanity—or better yet, get two
separate vanities. Not only will you have your own counter space to
store your toothbrush, face wash and whatever other products you need,
but you’ll also have your own sink! Plus, you won’t have to worry about
cleaning up after anybody else but yourself.

• A Water Closet: A great option for couples who share a washroom, a water closet separates the toilet from the rest of the room. This allows two people to be in the washroom at all times—without any invasions of privacy.

• Shower Shelf: When you’re sharing a washroom, you’ve got double the amount of products in the shower. A shower shelf helps keep shampoos, soaps, razors and loofahs separated and organized.

• Separate Towel Racks: Separate towel racks can help you keep track of whose towel is whose. Plus, your towels will dry much faster if they can be fully spread out.

• Water Regulator: There are few things worse than that dreaded moment when you’re in the shower and somebody else flushes a toilet—unless you have a water regulator. Even though you won’t be able to see a water regulator, you’ll definitely notice the difference it makes.


• Good Floor Layout: It’s difficult to get ready in a crowded washroom, whether you’re doing your makeup, shaving or washing your face. A good floor layout is key when you’re designing a shared washroom.

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