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Cleaning Marble Countertops

Introducing marble countertops to your home is a great way to complete the room of your choice, whether it be a kitchen or a bathroom. As beautiful as marble may be, it is very sensitive and must be cleaned and maintained in a gentle way. It is highly recommended that you avoid any sharp or scratchy appliances and/or items sitting on top of your marble countertops. Your cleaning procedure should be as gentle and constant as possible.

What is Marble?

Let’s begin with a small lesson in marble. Since it was used by the Greeks, Romans, and other European societies, marble has represented an elegant and sophisticated lifestyle. Carrying into modern times, marble still brings an elegant and stylish presence in our homes. Marble is created mostly from limestone and is available in many different colours and patterns. Custom Granite & Marble has a wide variety of marble that can be viewed online and is available in store. One of our Custom Granite & Marble sales associates would be more than happy to help you pick the best marble for you.

What Should I Use to Clean My Marble Countertops?

Since your gorgeous marble countertops are so sensitive, you should be using very light and gentle cleaning products. Using the right products will help to ensure that your marble stays in great condition for as long as possible. You will need:

  • Warm water
  • Gentle soap
  • Marble cleaner
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Chamois cloth

You should always avoid using harsh cleaning products like bathroom tub, tile and grout cleaners, or products that contain:

  • Vinegar
  • High levels of acidity
  • Lemon-based cleaners
  • Alkaline

How to Clean Marble Countertops

It’s important to constantly be cleaning your marble countertops. Marble stains quickly and easily, so even the most harmless of spills can actually be harmful. Even water can stain marble, so it’s important to wipe and dry spills quickly with a clean white cloth. Using a warm soapy cloth you should gently clean your marble countertops in a circular motion. If you scrub at the surface, it’s very easy to leave unattractive scratches behind. Once you are done wiping down your countertops you should use a clean dry chamois cloth to dry and leave them sparkling. Using hydrogen peroxide is an effective way to treat deep-stains on marble surfaces. Simply pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain and leave it for roughly ten minutes. Using a clean white cloth, you can absorb the peroxide and blot it until dry. Afterwards, use a damp cloth to wipe it down.

Why is Maintaining Marble Important?

It is very important to maintain your marble surfaces on a daily basis. It doesn’t take long for a simple water stain to damage your marble. Stains and scratches can cost you lots of money on cleaning products, repairs and upkeep. Your marble surfaces are a gorgeous addition to your home. You owe it to yourself to properly maintain the beautiful stone you have invested into your home. One of our Custom Granite & Marble sales associates would be more than happy to help you pick the best marble for you.

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