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The Benefits of Granite Countertops

While renovating your bathroom or kitchen countertops you have a range of options at your fingertips. Styles, colours, materials – it can be a little overwhelming at times. You have a variety of materials you could use for your countertops, but still the question remains:

Which type of stone should I use for my countertops?

While there are pro’s and con’s to different types of stone countertops, time and time again granite proves to be an all-time favourite. Custom Granite and Marble has an assortment of beautiful slabs of granite available for your stylish designs and renovations. There are many long-lasting benefits of granite countertops.

Large Variety

It’s hard to deny, granite can be truly beautiful. There are numerous colours and styles of granite you have to choose from. Each slab of granite is different from the next, which can add a distinct look to your home and add variety through colour and pattern.

One positive factor of granite is how original they are. You’ll never have to worry about another homeowner having the exact same countertop as you because all granite is different. Though they may be different, they are all still extremely beautiful additions to any home.

Are you curious about what different styles of granite look like? Take a look at our online gallery for an idea!


What was once an extremely expensive material is now much more affordable. With increased popularity granite has become more and more common among modern homes and renovations in older homes. You won’t have to worry about replacing your countertops anytime soon because granite is extremely tough and doesn’t depreciate easily.

Rest assured that when you invest in granite countertops in your home that you are adding value to your house. So not only is granite a long-lasting investment, but it also helps to pay for itself.


Granite is tough. It’s a great option for countertops because of how strong it is. It’s difficult to scratch, stain, burn, chip or damage your granite countertops through everyday use. Weaker materials may damage over time during daily tasks like food preparation, cooking with hot pots and pans or use of appliances – but not granite.

If you think granites tough on its own, you should see it once it’s sealed. Sealing your granite can help prevent discolouration or change from contact with liquids. Before your granite arrives at your house, Custom Granite and Marble applies a 15-year sealer on top of the factory resin. This added protection gives you peace at mind that you have years of use without deterioration.


In kitchens and bathrooms the presence and growth of bacteria can be an infectious concern for homeowners. Granite countertops do not harbor bacteria easily. Due to their tough, smooth surface they are incredibly easy to clean. Cleaning your granite countertops should be a regular part of your daily routine to maintain sanitation in your home.

Unfortunately, sometimes food or liquid is left behind by accident and hardens. Luckily for you, you won’t have to worry about harming the surface of your countertops while cleaning. Granite just that tough.

Interested in Granite?

Did we peak your interest in granite countertops? One of the granite experts on our team at Custom Granite and Marble can answer any questions you might still have about granite countertops. We offer granite countertops in Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Niagara, Burlington, Ancaster and Grimsby. If you would like to know more about our deals on granite or receive a quote, contact us today!

You can enhance your home with the help of beautiful and resilient granite countertops!

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